Aromatic plants: Mentha green Mentha spicata L.

Aromatic plants: Mentha green Mentha spicata L.

Family: Labiateae.
Species: Mentha spicata L.
Synonym: Mentha viridis Auct.


Herbaceous plant native to Mediterranean Europe. Widespread throughout the Italian territory, from the floor to 1,200 meters.

Green mint (photo Jan Wesenberg

Botanical characters

The green mint has stoloniferous stems, erect or ascending, branched at the top and up to 1 meter high. The leaves are opposite, ovate-lanceolate and serrated at the edges. The pink-violet flowers are gathered in a fusiform ear at the apex of the stems.


Like all minds, it can be easily reproduced by cutting tip or by planting pieces of rooted stolons. It can be grown in pots or in full soil.

Collection and conservation

The leaves and the flowering tops can be used fresh or dried in a shady and ventilated place. Store away from light and dry.

Use in the kitchen and therapeutic properties

The very aromatic leaves of Mentastro verde are used to give flavor to salads, omelettes, desserts, sauces, ice cream and fruit salads. Also widely used in the preparation of liqueurs and syrups.
Therapeutic properties: expectorants, digestive, tonic-stimulants, antispasmodic. For external use, as an oral deodorant and antiseptic.

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