Mushrooms: Amanita spissa

Mushrooms: Amanita spissa

Class: Basidiomycetes
Scientific name: Amanita spissa (Fr.) P. Kummer
Synonyms: Amanita excelsa var. spissa - Amanita cinerea - Amanita broad - Agaricus spissus.

Morphological characteristics

Hat: 7-15 cm, from hemispherical to flat, gray brown with grayish-white warts, smooth margin.
Gills: dense white, free.
Stem: 8-12 x 1-2.5 cm, whitish, thick, full, bulbous or napiform foot. Wide and white ring, membranous and striated.
Meat: white, unchanging and compact. Slightly horseradish smell, slightly sweetish taste.
spore: white.

Amanita spissa(photo Giovanni

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: symbiote mushroom. The name derives from the Latin spissus, massive, thick, for its appearance. It is found in coniferous and deciduous forests, in summer-autumn.
Edible, be careful because it can be confused with lAmanita pantherina (toxic), also unchanging in the color of the flesh, but with a striped margin.

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