Cat breeds: Korat

Cat breeds: Korat

FIFe classification and history

Dorigo country: Thailand.

The name of this breed derives from the Thai region of origin: Cao Nguyen Khorat. In Thailand these cats are called Si-Sawat, that is lucky charms. It is a very ancient breed, already described many centuries ago (the first oceans date back to the 14th century). The first Korat cats were imported to the United States in the late 19th century. Their present appearance is practically the same as that described in the ancient documents, and it is perhaps the only breed that has never been paired with others. The Korat breed is recognized by all world feline associations. In the country of origin, the Korat cats are still carried in procession in the villages to propitiate the rains.

General aspect

Slender, short-haired cat with the typical elegant conformation of Oriental cats. The size is medium-small, the body muscular, powerful and elastic.

Korat cat (photo


He is a very affectionate cat, who needs love and attention and who is very attached to the family. It generally adapts to coexistence with other cats, although some are quite possessive and suffer from jealousy towards other pets. Smart and docile, they can be easily carried on a leash. Active and game lovers, they enjoy climbing in the most unthinkable places. They have a melodious voice and meow frequently.


They do not require special care and it is sufficient to brush them once a week. During the period of the wetsuit it is advisable to stroke the fur with a rubber toothed glove to remove the dead fur. The ears must be cleaned only if necessary with a specific product. The nails can be blunted with special scissors.

Korat cat (photo

Variety of color

The typical color is blue, where the hair is slightly lighter at the root. The tip of each hair has a silver reflection that creates a very particular effect. The color of the eyes is green. Korat cats with lilac coat have recently been selected. The gene responsible for this coloring is typical of many Thai cats.


Category: Short Hair.
Build: from small to medium; elegant and supple, but not as slender as Siamese; athletic and muscular.
Head: heart-shaped, with ears placed high on the skull; proportionate nose with a slight stop.
Ears: large, erect and wide at the base.
Eyes: large, almond-shaped.
Limbs: slightly longer than the front ones, the back is therefore slightly curved.
Tail: medium length, with wide base and rounded tip.
Coat: short hair, shiny, fine like satin; adherent because without undercoat; the hairs are lighter at the base and darker at the end.
Defects: presence of streaks on the coat.