Geese: Gray Back Goose

Geese: Gray Back Goose

Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

The Gray Back are the typical European geese, for their morphological structure to the classical one ... And a very popular breed in many countries surrounding the North and Baltic Sea. Very common in the United Kingdom where the selection of this breed is decidedly meticulous! There are differences in size and shape between regions, but the color of the plumage is the same.

Morphological characteristics

Cut it: average.
Medium weight:

- male a. 8-10 kg
- female a. 7-9 kg

Its resemblance to the Pomeranian loca is astounding, but while in Pomerania there are also totally gray and completely white varieties (in addition to the well-known and infamous piebald variety), in Gray Back there is only the dappled coloring; in fact Gray Back from English; also there is the variant called Buff Back (fawn / white). The other aspect that differentiates the two breeds is the abdominal bale which in the latter is double, while in Pomerania we find just one ventral sac. The weight ranges from 8/10 kg in the male to 7/9 in the female. Pomeranian is a little lighter. Blue iris color and beak and intense orange tarsi. Laying 30 eggs in one season.

Thanks to Francesco Silletta

Buff Back Geese (photo

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